Haunting & Memory

Staying in this weekend? We recommend the following choice titles on haunting and memory. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone. The Strange Case of William Mumler, Spirit Photographer by Louis Kaplan. The story of the birth of spirit photography and the controversy surrounding its discovery. Includes a handful of ghostly images, including a well-known … More Haunting & Memory

Rio de Janeiro: ‘The most dangerous place in the world’

The New Yorker‘s recent short piece on Rio de Janeiro, host of the 2010 Olympics, points out a recent “dramatic upsurge in the city’s gangland violence.” Reporter Jon Lee Anderson recounts a night he spent tagging along on a police raid into the Mangueira favela (one of Rio’s oldest slums) — one with violence and … More Rio de Janeiro: ‘The most dangerous place in the world’

Roberto Tejada and Chon Noriega on Celia Alvarez Muñoz

Art historian, curator and associate professor at the University of Texas-Austin Roberto Tejada, author of Celia Alvarez Muñoz and National Camera: Photography and Mexico’s Image Environment, discusses Muñoz and her work as a conceptual and multimedia artist in this Hammer lecture video. Chon Noriega, editor of University of Minnesota Press’s A Ver Series and author … More Roberto Tejada and Chon Noriega on Celia Alvarez Muñoz

Minnesota Archive Editions–a publishing experiment

Today’s post is by Kristian Tvedten, editorial assistant at University of Minnesota Press and a coordinator of the Minnesota Archive Editions program (announced in November 2008). The University of Minnesota Press has now observed several months of activity and interest in the Minnesota Archive Editions program, a print-on-demand publishing initiative that has made more than … More Minnesota Archive Editions–a publishing experiment

A U.S. identity built on state fantasies

Donald E. Pease is professor of English and Avalon Foundation Chair of the Humanities at Dartmouth College. He is author of The New American Exceptionalism. My book is primarily concerned with the irreconcilable rifts within U.S. political culture that opened up during the lengthy period of transition from the termination of the cold war to … More A U.S. identity built on state fantasies