Holiday Hiatus

This blog will be pretty quiet next week, and most likely the week after as well (though you might see a post or two from the MLA convention in Philadelphia). Speaking of MLA — you can visit the University of Minnesota Press at booths B612 and B614. We’ll be offering a 30% discount on all … More Holiday Hiatus

On the Gesamtkunstwerk

Juliet Koss talks with NPR Berlin’s “The Berlin Journal” radio show about her forthcoming book Modernism after Wagner (February 2010). She iterates that this is not just another book on Wagner, rather it is about his term Gesamtkunstwerk, how it is a term often thrown around yet not clearly defined and contextualized. She says: Certainly … More On the Gesamtkunstwerk

The Dada Cyborg

Great news: Matthew Biro’s The Dada Cyborg: Visions of the New Human in Weimar Berlin, has been named one of four finalists for the College Art Association’s Charles Rufus Morey Book Award, which honors an especially distinguished book in the history of art. Congratulations, Matthew! On a related note: Next month we will be mailing … More The Dada Cyborg

The Future of Dubai?

In previous years, the brash city-state of Dubai has made news with its exuberant stream of headline-grabbing megaprojects. The emirate, one of the seven that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), erected iconic buildings such as the billowing-sail-shaped Burj al Arab. It was a place where architects could realize visions considered impracticable anywhere else, … More The Future of Dubai?