Bacon haikus, chocolate watermelon on a stick, and other MN news

The Minnesota State Fair commences today, and with it, many articles of Minnesota history and state-fair nostalgia are making their way around the usual news circuits. Here are a few of interest:
-MPR’s Cathy Wurzer checks out obscure places at the fair.
-Excitement has been building for weeks (er, months) about the newest food-on-a-stick offerings. A few of the most interesting new concoctions on sticks: Pot roast sundae and chocolate-covered watermelon.
-The Minnesota State Patrol exhibit will include a trooper’s completely totaled car.
-There is, apparently, a bacon haiku contest. You have until 2 p.m. today to enter.
-The state fair is on Facebook.

Subterranean Twin Cities author Greg Brick will be at the University of Minnesota Stage on Sept. 4th at 2 p.m.

-If the state fair’s arrival makes you want to indulge your nostalgic side, renowned photographer Tom Arndt’s Home will help you do just that. It includes an introduction by George Slade and a foreword by Garrison Keillor.

Other non-fair Minnesota shout-outs in the news:
-In an article about how Pittsburgh’s literary scene is flourishing, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette crowns Minneapolis “the capital of alternative publishing in the eyes of many.”
-Jennifer Balderama writes about meeting an all-too-likely nemesis in the Boundary Waters area of northern Minnesota on the NYT Paper Cuts blog.

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