A growing weariness of pink ribbons

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; in fact, it’s the 25th anniversary of when we started recognizing this month as such. While it’s wonderful to see such a worthy cause garner so much attention, some have grown concerned about the overwhelming amount of ‘pink’ marketing and are questioning where all the money is going. After all, pink ribbons and other cause-related merchandise are popping up everywhere, and in such unexpected places as the NFL and the wine industry.

An article published today on ABC News cites just such a growing weariness among breast-cancer survivors. It quotes Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons, Inc.:

“As a whole, the marketing of breast cancer has gone too far. I saw last year a yeast infection treatment sold to promote breast cancer; there are fishing rods and riding saddles. … I have to say, I’m a little flummoxed. Marketing 101 suggests that you need to try to distinguish your product from its competitors, and with breast cancer, it seems to turn that on its head.”

Even the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization has words of caution for those purchasing products with cause-related promotions. Read more here.

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