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Now that we’re back, and well-rested, from the Modern Language Association Convention in Philadelphia last week, we thought we’d share some candid shots taken at the University of Minnesota Press booth:

1: Cary Wolfe poses with the cover poster of his high-in-demand (not to mention hot-off-the-press) book, What is Posthumanism?.
2: Adam Gussow checks out a copy of his blues memoir, Mister Satan’s Apprentice. (Short video forthcoming.)
3: Author John Protevi (whom you might remember from this post) stands with his book, Political Affect (vol. 7 in the Posthumanities Series).
4: Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson have a chat with University of Minnesota Press director Douglas Armato. Smith and Watson are authors of Reading Autobiography, which will be out in a second, expanded edition in March.
5: Part of the UMP booth display. (Featured here is The Spiv and the Architect, due out in April.)
6: Don Pease, author of The New American Exceptionalism, hangs out with friends in front of his poster.
7: A Call for Heresy and We Are All Moors author Anouar Majid is all smiles at UMP’s booth.
8: Treacherous holiday weather was one popular topic of casual conversation at the conference. Here is evidence as to why our direct marketing coordinator was late in getting to Philadelphia via North Dakota and Minnesota.
9: Our A Single Man / Christopher Isherwood display included Isherwood on Writing (edited by James J. Berg), Isherwood’s Christopher and His Kind, and Kathleen and Christopher, a collection of Isherwood’s previously unpublished letters to his mother.

Looking for more MLA info? Check out Jennifer Howard’s assessment in The Chronicle and Serena Golden’s article in Inside Higher Ed, Tweetup at the MLA.

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