Our Oscars segment on WCCO + a look behind the Hollywood scenes

Some say the battle for Best Actor was a neck-and-neck race between Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges. No matter how close the call, the Academy ultimately chose Bridges’ Crazy Heart performance over Firth’s in A Single Man. While happy for Mr. Bridges, we respectfully feel Mr. Firth’s performance didn’t get the acclaim it deserved, and will find solace in reading stuff by people who agree with us.

For those who missed sales coordinator Erik Anderson’s appearance on WCCO TV’s News Sunday, you can catch it here.

What did you think about Colin Firth’s portrayal of George Falconer? Or about the film vs. book in general? Leave your comments on our readers’ forum.

A Single Man aside, the University of Minnesota Press has seen a few other interesting Oscars-related shout-outs in the news:

-The Center for American Progress has an article about the often-overlooked laborers behind the scenes in Hollywood (not to mention an interactive timeline on the history of labor organizing in Hollywood). The article references Danae Clark’s Negotiating Hollywood: The Cultural Politics of Actors’ Labor (1995).

The Globe and Mail has a piece on red-carpet ribbons and the evolution of ribbon-wearing from radical statement to generic trend. It quotes Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons, Inc., about how such displays of compassion often go farther to benefit the ribbon wearer than the cause itself.

What do you think about the best-actor race? Or laborers in Hollywood? Or cause ribbons? Please leave your comments below.

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