This year’s Association of American Geographers meeting in Washington, DC, was quite a significant one for University of Minnesota Press. We released the much-anticipated Seeking Spatial Justice by Edward W. Soja, which sold out rather quickly; Stuart Elden’s Terror and Territory received not only the 2009 AAG Globe Book Award, but also the Julian Minghi Outstanding Research Award from the political geography specialty group; and Alison Mountz had a successful launch event for her book Seeking Asylum: Human Smuggling and Bureaucracy at the Border. Here are some photos from our time there:

1: Our busy book-exhibit booth featured posters of the three aforementioned titles, along with Richard Hornsey’s The Spiv and the Architect.

2: Xiangming Chen poses with his edited collection, Shanghai Rising.

3: Stuart Elden (whom you might remember from this recent post) stands with his book’s poster.

4: Outside the conference hotel, an idyllic setting for the season.

5: Author Alison Mountz visited us with colleague Valerie Preston (who appears on the back cover of her book).

6: Author Joseph Nevins (Dying to Live) chats with Mountz at a gathering for the launch of Seeking Asylum. (He also appears on the back cover of the book.)

7: Mountz poses with editor Jason Weidemann.

8: A Single Man spotted at the popular indie Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle (curiously positioned by Christopher Moore … ?).

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