NAISA and SB1070

You’ve probably heard about Arizona’s much-criticized new immigration law, but have you heard what Indigenous scholars are doing about it?

Natasha Varner speaks out on the First Peoples blog about unsuccessful efforts to cancel the soon-upcoming Native American and Indigenous Studies Association meeting set to take place in two weeks in Tucson, AZ, and how scholars including NAISA president and UMP author Dr. Robert Warrior plan to use the meeting as “a platform for collective action.”

Read the piece — and leave a comment — here.

In response to SB1070, the Florida Atlantic University Libraries’ blog has posted a list of recommended titles on immigration reform and racial profiling. Among these is Robin Dale Jacobson’s The New Nativism: Proposition 187 and the Debate over Immigration, which examines California’s controversial ballot initiative that sought to deny social services to undocumented immigrants. We recommend this book, and we definitely recommend that you check out the list.

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