Jeanne Halgren Kilde reveals how Macalester College’s religious connections have changed.

In case you missed it …

Last week Jeanne Halgren Kilde, director of religious studies at the University of Minnesota, interviewed with MPR with regard to the U.S. Presbyterian Church’s largest decision-making meeting last week, which was held in Minneapolis. One little-known Minnesota trivia fact: Macalester College, one of the state’s most prominent liberal arts colleges, was founded by a Presbyterian minister in 1874. It has since shed much of its connections to the church, not unlike other liberal arts colleges in Minnesota, as MPR notes.

Kilde’s book, Nature and Revelation: A History of Macalester College, documents the declining role of religion at the college and highlights the college’s balancing act between religious conviction and the pursuit of empirical knowledge. Here is her interview with MPR:


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