Solitude, devotion, fading masculinity — Christopher Isherwood in the Sixties.

HarperCollins has published The Sixties, a second volume of Christopher Isherwood’s diaries, which picks up where the first ended (the first volume covered 1939 – 1960 and was published in 1996). This new volume covers the same period in which Isherwood wrote the classic A Single Man (Minnesota 2001) and highlights a time of uncertainty, loneliness and deep passion:

And as these copious diaries make clear, Isherwood’s wits were very much intact. Patience with “The Sixties” is rewarded. The book becomes an intimate portrait of the life of a beautiful if neurotic mind, and it is streaked with gossip, flinty observations, great good humor and — despite Isherwood’s fundamental discretion — plenty of frank talk.

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