#UPWeek Day One: Nona Willis Aronowitz on working with a university press

For me, working with a university press was absolutely the right choice. I didn’t just feel like one of a million authors at the mercy of a breakneck publishing schedule; I got tons of personal attention and received insightful advice from my editor. The publicists were strategic and inventive. Since I was collecting my mother’s anthologies for posterity, I took comfort in the fact that they’d stay in print longer than at a trade publisher. And the copy editing was some of the best I’ve ever received—a true old-fashioned (and endangered) comb-through that’s so much more than proofreading. 

—NONA WILLIS ARONOWITZ, editor of The Essential Ellen Willis (2014) and Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music (2011). 

This week is University Press Week, and in honor of the week and all that it celebrates, we’ve asked our authors to tell us a bit about what they value in working with a university press. We’ll post our responses throughout the week.

All members of the American Association of University Presses will be posting various exciting content each day this week; University of North Carolina Press has a great roundup of today’s posts. On Thursday, we’ve got something special in store to honor our 90th anniversary this year. Stay tuned!

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