What do you think: Gwyneth Paltrow as legendary actress Marlene Dietrich?

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In the past week, it has been sporadically reported that Gwyneth Paltrow has signed on to play legendary German actress Marlene Dietrich in a two-part biopic that will be the product of a collaboration between HBO, BBC, and EuropaCorp TV.

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University of Minnesota Press will be publishing Dietrich’s biography by Steven Bach in February.

2 thoughts on “What do you think: Gwyneth Paltrow as legendary actress Marlene Dietrich?

  1. As Dietrich's grandson, I can tell you that Steven, though a nice guy, was never a very good student (so said JvS) and there are so many factual errors in his so-called biography that one cannot help but discount most of his suppositions. Starting with my own life's details he cannot even do proper research based on newspaper and media reported dates, events and births – for example, my second son, Sean, was not her \”1st great grandson\” but 3 years earlier our 1st son Matthew was. Inexcusable errors like these point to very sloppy research and conjecture… none of which can be called good biographical foundation. makes the whole book suspect.

  2. As the son of Irwin Shaw (who shared some good, and tough, moments with Deitrich during the Blitz in London and. after D-Day, during the liberation of Paris) I 'm sorry to note that my old schoolmate Peter is right.The book is fully of silly mistakes, including the account Capa's death, which was in Indochina, in the mid-50s, after he left Klosters, not in the Ardennes in WW2.)The old man thought a lot of Dietrich: heck she drew him a bath the day Paris was liberated. Better than sex, he said, and more needed. At least then and there….

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