POLL: Which University of Minnesota Press trade catalog design season do you like best?

In honor of our recently published Spring 2011 Trade Catalog (you can download a copy here), we have elected to feature our 23 most recent covers from the past 11 seasons and give you a chance to tell us which designs you liked best. Each season has a theme, and each catalog cover features a new and different way to incorporate the University of Minnesota Press logo. We definitely encourage you to vote, and also to post your comments below. Now tell us …

University of Minnesota Press Design Face-Off
Which cover design season is the best?
1) 2000 (umbrellas/fruit)
2) 2001 (theater/museum)
3) 2002 (candies/gum)
4) 2003 (outdoor art — includes Spring-Fall 03 and Spring 04)
5) 2004-05 (eraser/drawing)
6) 2005-06 (earthy)
7) 2006-07 (architectural/buildings)
8) 2007-08 (animals/posthumanities)
9) 2008-09 (head/map)
10) 2009-10 (rocks/outdoors)
11) 2010-11 (neon/playful)

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